Partnering With Cummins To Integrate Our Autonomous Driving Technology

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  • August 23, 2022
Partnering With Cummins To Integrate Our Autonomous Driving Technology

In the past year alone, we announced a partnership with Isuzu to implement OEM-grade redundancies for our medium-duty trucks, a collaboration with Goodyear to equip our fleet with tire intelligence technology to improve stopping distances and monitor tire pressure in real time for enhanced safety, and established a strategic partnership with Ryder to leverage their national leasing, servicing and fleet maintenance expertise while ensuring we maintain direct customer relationships and remain asset light.

This week, we shared the news that Gatik has partnered with Cummins Inc. to facilitate the integration of our autonomous driving system with Cummins’ advanced powertrain solution in Gatik’s fleet of medium-duty trucks. Under the partnership, Cummins will utilize its suite of advanced software features to integrate its powertrain solution to enable Drive-by-wire (DbW) for Gatik’s industry-first medium-duty (class 6) Isuzu FTR fleet with the Cummins B6.7 engine.

The integration of Gatik’s commercial-grade autonomous technology with Cummins’ powertrain presents a wealth of advantages for our customers: we’re increasing functional safety and enhancing reliability of the autonomous system, while improving fuel efficiency and offering superior vehicle performance on our short-haul, B2B delivery routes.

Developing customer-centric solutions

As we commercialize our product offerings at scale across North America, ensuring that we integrate our technology with the world’s leading Tier 1 companies is critical to meeting intensifying demand for our solution safely and quickly. Cummins’ technological leadership in developing the world’s leading powertrains for over 100 years, and deep commitment to developing customer-centric solutions for the future of logistics mean the tangible benefits of our work together will be felt immediately across our customer base.

Gatik has one of the largest commercially deployed autonomous fleets in North America, operating for over 10 Fortune 500 customers across multiple markets including Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana in the US, and Ontario, Canada. As we continue to densify our existing commercial presence, and expand to new markets, our partnership with Cummins will help to ensure we continue to redefine the standards of operational excellence that our customers expect from us.

Gatik’s platform-agnostic commercialization strategy

The integration of our autonomous driving system with Cummins’ advanced powertrain solution represents a key component of Gatik’s platform-agnostic commercialization strategy. The partnership enables Gatik to seamlessly integrate its autonomous driving system with multiple OEMs, and across a range of vehicle platforms powered by Cummins, further refining a safe, unique, and efficient autonomous solution for the commercial middle mile market.

As we continue to grow at pace, this approach helps us to scale as quickly as our customers need us to, ensuring we remain focused on our number one priority: providing our customers with a flexible, responsive, custom-built solution that addresses their most acute pain points on the supply chain’s middle mile.

About Gatik

Gatik, the leader in autonomous middle mile logistics, is revolutionizing B2B logistics with autonomous transportation-as-a-service (ATaaS) and prioritizing safe, consistent deliveries and streamlining freight movement by reducing congestion. The company focuses on short-haul, B2B logistics for Fortune 500 retailers and in 2021 launched the world’s first fully driverless commercial transportation service with Walmart. Gatik’s Class 3-7 autonomous box trucks are commercially deployed in multiple markets including Texas, Arkansas, and Ontario. Gatik is partnered with industry leaders including Ryder, Goodyear and Isuzu. Founded in 2017 by veterans of the autonomous technology industry, the company has offices in Mountain View, Dallas Fort Worth and Toronto.