Announcing Gatik’s Strategic Partnership with Goodyear

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  • September 28, 2021
Announcing Gatik’s Strategic Partnership with Goodyear

We’re thrilled to announce our multi-year partnership with Goodyear — one of the world’s largest tire companies with over 120 years’ experience in developing state-of-the-art products and services that set technology and performance standards for the industry.

Under this partnership, Goodyear — who recently participated in Gatik’s Series B funding — will be equipping our fleet of autonomous box trucks with tire intelligence technology powered by Goodyear SightLine to improve stopping distances and monitor tire pressure in real time for enhanced safety and reduced wear. As we commercialize our operations at scale, integrating Goodyear’s tire intelligence solutions into our service will reduce fuel and maintenance costs, while increasing operational efficiencies for our retail, e-commerce and distribution customers.


Gatik’s commercial operations in Dallas Fort-Worth

The benefits of Goodyear’s tire intelligence technology are grounded in enhancing safety, increasing efficiency and reducing costs — principles which are absolutely fundamental to Gatik’s mission and success. Our fleet of 11ft — 26ft autonomous box trucks operates exclusively on fixed, repeatable routes, meaning we focus on a route-by-route and site-by-site growth strategy, from which the technology can be commercialized safely and quickly. Integrating Goodyear’s sophisticated tire intelligence technology with our commercial-grade autonomous technology was a natural fit and will have a significant impact on vehicle performance and increased efficiencies for our customers in the B2B short-haul market.

“By leveraging our advanced tire intelligence solutions, Goodyear can help improve vehicle performance and safety in autonomous transportation. Together, Goodyear and Gatik will combine our innovative technologies to help bring more efficiency in the increasingly important middle mile segment” — Chris Helsel, Goodyear’s senior vice president, global operations and chief technology officer

The initial discussions between our technical leadership teams began in 2020, and progressed very quickly — it was clear from the start that we see the future of autonomous goods movement the same way. ​​At Gatik, we’ve developed a solution and service to meet the unique demands of Middle Mile logistics. Our collaboration with Goodyear will enable us to further increase the value we offer our customers across the continent, and define new standards in safety and sustainability for the B2B short-haul market.

We’re looking forward to sharing our progress in the coming months.

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